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Rectangle Shape LED Full Length Mirror Bedroom Mirror With Time Display

Rectangle Shape LED Full Length Mirror Bedroom Mirror With Time Display

Short Description:

At New Trend, we never underestimate the importance of light as an element of design. In fact, we believe the best designs are enhanced by light, and that’s why we’ve used it as the basis for our always-growing line of elegant lighted full length mirrors for residential spaces.

Product Detail


Our lighted mirrors not only provide an elegant aesthetic finish; they also serve a purpose. New Trend full length mirrors with lights improve the functionality of a space by allowing users to apply make-up, shave, fix their hair with clarity and precision. Additionally, the glow given off by our lighted mirrors improves the design of a space by adding texture, interest, and visual impact.

New Trend lighted mirrors utilize LED with varying degrees of brightness and diffusion to deliver more impactful lighting and accurate reflections. Whether you’re looking for a bathroom mirror with LED lights or your goal is to elevate a dressing room with a full-length mirror, our lighted mirrors cover the three main types of lighting used in design – task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting.

LED belt of LED bathroom mirror

Task lighting: Delivers direct, even, natural light for bathroom tasks like shaving and make-up application.

Ambient lighting: Increases usable light and also indirectly make the space with elegant side lighting.

Accent lighting: Sets the mood with a subtle glow that adds impact to any design space. See our Halo design.

From getting ready in the morning to attending to your nightly routine, lighting is key. This mirror not only provides you with a place to check your look, but it also features a built-in LED light that adds soft illumination. Simply turn it on or off with the help of a touch-sensitive switch. Designed to be mounted directly to the wall, this piece can be placed in the powder room, walk-in closet, or bedroom. Wall-mounting hardware is included.


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